Friday, 14 September 2012

Experience 30

Growing up from a toddler to a teenager, there was always this long school holiday that was totally boring and tasteless. The day just dragged on and on and did not want to come to an end as one continued rolling on the bed. There was simply nothing to do and achieve.
Wishful thinking no. 1 -- grow up faster.

Came the teenager phase with the strict house rules, simply torturing and unbreathable. Rebellious was at the highest peak. Temper was as tough as the steel that cannot be bent. Manners with love ones was shoved under the bed covered with spider webs and dust. The longing for a rules free life was stronger than ever.
Wishful thinking no.2 -- leave home.

Yippe, finally far far away from home, surrounded only by friends. But reality hits. All those years without much social life has proved to be a burden. A headtrong baskit who made more enemies than friends. All left was the yearning to finish the study and get the hell out of there. 
Wishful thinking no. 3 -- graduate ASAP and start a new life.

First day of work was filled with excitement. Everything was new and interesting, the learning for work and also how to be a typical working class. Personality learnt to be softer and friendlier but it certianly did not take long before it turned dull and monotonous. Suddenly life was about nothing else but getting a bigger pay check, bigger house and bigger car. Cycles and cycles of debts going in circles as blinded by rediculous desire that has no balance or any sort of affordability control.
Wishful thinking no. 4 -- bigger pay check.

Fate took a twist and directed to a foreign land with a total alien language. On top of that, the perspective on life is totally different. What is needed are greens and nature and the rest are just add ons. Public transport is at its best. One live without a car in a 55cm² flat. Turning 30 in this land broaden the mind and soul in many different levels. Gone are the desire for bigger pay check for a bigger house but a more balance life in a puny and furnished only the required flat. No more is there a need to get a bigger car to be stucked in the traffic jam but the need to be on time to catch the tram and train. Impulsiveness is scrutinzed by meticulousness. Simplicity manifested itself stronger and stronger day by day.
Wishful thinking no. 5 -- simple life.

Looking back at the years that has slipped away silently, it felt funny yet strange. Not because of what had happened, or what had been decided and done, but more on the feelings and 'how I wish it could...' as the years piled on and how quickly those wishful thinking changed its course without one realising it. Look likes life got greedier day by day. There is just no point in life when one has had enough and desire less. Until, life tires one out. Only then will the realization come, like the finger pricked by a needle, a painful awakening.

On this altitude and latitude, bablingfish wants to cheeris the next 30 or 40 more possible simple years to come.